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Hanging Lamps For A Characterful Interiors

Hanging lamps with industrial futuristic design

The industrial trend has something to do with the desire together to give a new meaning to the old architecture. Specifically there started when the architects and interior designers attempted to make the most of the industrial buildings to give them a living character.

Thus, the vintage had style from the beginning to a more practical and retrospective character. However it has proved in hindsight that designers love to "take this in their future projects". You have somewhat adapted him to this purpose and changed. Thus is created the futuristic industrial design.

It affects many aspects of the interior design. His specific character elements, and accessories, such as lights for example is especially visible.

Here are some examples for hanging lamps in this style!

The industrial futuristic suspended lamps as accents in the room

The industrially futuristic-looking hanging lamps have the great advantage that they reach a really strong effect in the room. You succeed with such lights to "fill" that other expensive solutions almost spare space.

To make that happen, you must adhere but at the interior design to certain rules.

Correspondence of the form with the remaining device

The remaining facility may be simple and restrained, but through the spectacular hanging lamps, she can get a particularly elegant touch. This works by making a resumption of the main forms in this small, but striking accessories. In our specific case, the hanging lamps should repeat the shapes in the room and stand out in a very attractive manner.

Colours and materials

The selection of colors and materials with the hanging lamps should be done according to the same principle. They would have to absorb the color palette, which prevails in the room anyway, and they represent in a glittering, celebrity manner.

Retro charm and perfection of the future

How can the retro design, this future be connected? The formula is the clear decision for the good of one and the other style properties. In the first case you would have to provide a slightly nostalgic aspect by the theme of the design. For this, the execution with regard to the processing and materials should be designed as is typical for the futuristic style!

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