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Designer Lamp By Tom Dixon Enchants With Elegance And Sophistication

Designer lamp by Tom Dixon - Cooper shade pendant lamp

Today, designer lights by Tom Dixonare the focus of our attention.

His copper shade pendant luminaire impressed us sustainable. We feel that she fits in every room and every style - no matter the modern, minimalist, rustic, vintage or eclectic.

A few words about the designer. Tom Dixon is a self learned Designer. He has left art school and began his professional career as a welder. Fascinated by the welding process fangte he to experiment with new techniques and furniture to fashion. His successful furniture design earned him a good reputation and the job as Design Manager at the furniture maker Habitat.

The copper shade lamp is manufactured using an innovative technique that steams up the metal. The initial product, a polycarbonate sphere was coated with copper and coated. So was this perfect seamless sphere with a glossy finish. It is available (with a diameter of 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 centimeters) in different sizes. Its length is also adjustable, and you can customize the Designer lamp in your living room. In the kitchen on the Island or in the dining room over the dining table, the Cooper shade lamp, modernity and freshness will give a touch your interiors.

Copper shade lamp fits in any modern kitchen

Designer light Tom Dixon lamp kitchen modern set

The glossy and reflecting surface of the lamp is a noble accentdesigner light Tom Dixon lamp dining room

A mixture of different materials and styles - acrylic and wooden chairs and lamp with copper coating

Designer light Tom Dixon lamp dining room dining table draggable acrylic chairs

The picture below represents the London Barber Shop Fourth Floor . Even the Studio by Tom Dixon is located in the same building, on the first floor. He has still the shelves for fourth floor and designed the unique mirror with wooden frame.

Typical London - well styled and with a modern and extravagant haircutDesigner light Tom Dixon pendant modern open spaces

Have an apartment with high ceilings, you focus attention on an impressive chandelier, or in this case on five designer pendant versions with different lengths

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