Ceiling design

Ceiling Design - Ideas, You Certainly Inspire.

Fantastic inspiration ideas for the ceiling design

Not the only standard in the design of the ceiling is white and flat. In the last few decades, and in the history of Interior there are many other solutions that may be regarded as a classic.

This applies to all rooms in the House, no matter what function they perform.

Of those, today also the speech will be.

What would be the ideal solution for a ceiling design?

The ideal solution for the design of the ceiling varies from room to room. You varies depending on the function, the available space and the overarching design concept. Of cells, via bar up to to suspended ceiling we have a pretty big selection. You need to decide for this, which will emphasize the exclusive character of your room the best.

Optimal illumination of the ceiling

The theme of ideal ceiling design can separately be considered the optimal lighting. Many designs include recessed lights or work best with a particular type of lamps.

Must ultimately form and function harmonize perfectly

For example, many contemporary ceiling design concepts combine innovative and classic lighting ideas. They provide ample light through recessed lighting and other modern solutions. At the same time, they leave space but for a chandelier, which provides elegance and romance in the atmosphere.

Interaction with the deeper perception

Designer benefit greatly from the fact that Visual perception is manipulated. Through the clever design of the ceiling and the light, they ensure that a room appear larger and therefore more comfortable.

Curved lines and sculptural creation are of fundamental importance. You therefore make up an increasingly important part of ceiling design.

Coffered ceiling - an interesting ceiling design

The coffered ceiling deserves special attention. If done correctly, this type of ceiling design can make the room look airy and higher than he actually is.

The historical ceiling

The historical ceiling design raises great discussions. Her plastic sculptural character makes it suitable according to some designers only in specific contexts. It must be according to other interior designers.

Historic ceiling design can run with blind instead of sculpted forms. So benefited the room from their aesthetics, but not unnecessarily narrows.

In addition, many classical motifs and arched shapes are easy to paint. You could contribute in some cases even to the Visual increase of the ceiling.

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